In a careless moment
Something that was done thousands of times before
A log thrown in a fireplace
Disrupted the lazy flames that were swaying there

Alas, this time it was different
The fire that was burning ceased its trance-like dance.
The log too heavy, the toss too strong
And suddenly embers filled the air like stars on an all too starry night

These embers, echoes
Of the fire that burned brighter than most
Had their own paths to find
Their own way of passing the light of what was on to what will be

Some embers never made it
Their heat and light exhausted by the travail
Others burned too hot and bright
Consuming things that were best left untouched, unspoiled.

Still others remembered
And journeyed not so far away so that dark and cold
Could not prevail
And take the warmth and light away from them

These returned to the place
Where the flames performed their trance-like dance
And by sharing their own
Warmth and light, the place of fire glowed once more.