The world, ceaselessly have I been reminded,
Tends to chaos, to disorder
One day, my physicist friends point out,
The universe will all be the same temperature
Meanwhile, some cells multiply too rapidly,
Others go where they should not go,
Still others, because of entropy,
Just terminate their work altogether.

So none of this is as it is ought to be
It smacks of disruption, obscenity.
The most creative forces of the universe
Echoes of that One Creative Force for sure
Give glimpses, just slivers of insight
Of what life might be like if only
If only order and chaos switched places
And built up instead of tore down.

One day, we are told. One day
One day when those slivers become chasms
When – compulsory? – order becomes normal
When entropy is forever expelled
Where brightness purges the darkness
Where verdure reclaims what is fallow
Where repose becomes part of the lifestyle
When the many return to the One.

For now, we remain houseguests of entropy
Exiles in an alien land
Subjected to its manifold torments
Of corruption and rust and decay
And cling to those slivers of enthalpy
Where love and kinship ring true
Where creation is the norm of the landscape
And destruction rules no more.