You do not know who I amPlayground_swings
But I know you all too well
You are the loudest on the playground
You can be heard from miles away.
Your taunting and your bellowing
State your wish for control.
The only problem that I see
Is that there are other bullies here.
Yes other bullies of the other side
Who wish the same for them.
Sadly, yes, there are two sets
Of bullies, competing for the swings
The monkey bars, the see-saw too
The prize awaits the champ.
Yes, I know you both all too well
Your voices never seem to tire
Today one thing, the next another
Reflecting what you hold so dear.
Both sets of bullies proclaim that they
Have dominion over love.
How odd it does appear to me
To speak of love yet show but hate.
My apologies to you playground lot
I will not take whichever side
No parades for me in Washington
Neither rallies held of vacant pride.
No, I think I will keep my wits about
I will keep my eyes peeled, keen and wide
For a different kind of playing field
Away from the clamor that spawns from you.
Yes, I know you all too well,
But you have no clue of me.