MetropolitanPhilipI think the biggest threat to Christianity in general is materialism, is secularism, and humanism. This is the biggest threat. And to Orthodoxy? Well, Orthodoxy all over the world, we still have this competition between Moscow and Constantinople, Istanbul today. We still have that going on and I think that what we have to do internationally as Orthodox is to transcend ethnicism. In 1872, I believe, philetism was condemned as a heresy. Well, we should – as Orthodox, we should examine ourselves today as we philetists? Are we? We should ask ourselves this question.

You see, is there something called American Orthodoxy or Greek Orthodoxy or Russian Orthodoxy or is there Orthodoxy in Russia, Orthodoxy in Greece, Orthodoxy in America? Those who want to Americanize Orthodoxy are wrong. We want one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church in America.